The new STPL Spring line has arrived. Reed Space presents Delivery 1…

Gondry Tech Jacket

in black and green…

or tan and teal…

Scott Hooded Jacket

in tan…

or black…

Brando Vest

Freeman Long Sleeve Button Shirt

in red…

or blue…

West Short Sleeve Button Shirt

in green…

or red…

Bogart Cargo Pant

in grey…

or camo…

Check out Delivery 1 from the STPL Spring 2011 Collection, in-store or online at Reed Space.



Since the Japan earthquake disaster struck, I’ve been dwelling on ways to most effectively help our friends there. As you all know, lots of people are doing lots of things. But they all felt slightly “off” to me. I saw a tweet that summed it up perfectly: “If you’re going to donate, just donate. Don’t make people retweet, like, buy things, etc. Don’t abuse tragedies for your own personal gain.” Don’t get me wrong, no disrespect, everyone’s assistance helps a lot. But personally, for me, I just didn’t want to make something…to add another “thing” to the world, and then have to sell that “thing” in order to help people. I just want to help. And I want those who help to be able to let other people know how to help.
So still…I thought, something must be done. Especially in our industry. We owe much to Japan—if not everything.

This is my solution: これが僕の解決法:
A red circle. 赤い丸。
Anyone who donates or supports gets one. It’s not only a badge of support, it’s a rally cry. We are organizing an event in NYC on Saturday 4/16/11 to bring people together; get them to donate directly to Red Cross Japan and then represent with this button. You don’t have to buy a product. There’s no “portion of sales” of anything…We’re just giving those that choose to support a means of telling the world around them to do the same.
With the help of our friends, we’ve amassed an incredible all-star line up of DJs to provide you with what will be a very special night. Please come out and support, have a good time and GIVE. Japan has given us so much. It’s time to give back.
— jeff

RSVP email for event: info_at_helpjpn_dot_org



We finally got the new issue of Reed Pages in hand. It’s a thing of beauty. If you enjoyed the last issue (Jose Parla cover), I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy the new issue which is graced by Erykah Badu on the cover. The same structure is maintained in this issue. Content is alphabetized from A-Z (we have a number in this issue!). And there are no advertisements…only sponsorships. Reed Pages is made possible by our generous sponsors! Support them!
We offer the ability to read the entire magazine online for free, but trust me, you need to have this in your hands. It’s over-sized and the printing is incredible. Definitely an addition to your bookshelf. SUPPORT PRINT!
Some features include: 13th Witness, Brian Lam of Gizmodo, Erykah Badu, Futura, Mayer Hawthorne, Mr. Cartoon, Numero Group, Porter, R-16, Unused, Victorinox, White Mountaineering, XLR8R Magazine, Howard Zinn and more…
やっとReed Pagesの最新号が手元に。美しい出来です。前回(Jose Parlaの表紙)を気に入ってくれた人は、今回、表紙にErykah Baduを向かえた最新号も間違いなく気に入ってくれると思います。前回と同じ構成になっています。コンテンツはアルファベット順に(今回は番号も!)並んでいます。広告もなく、スポンサーシップのみです。Reed Pagesは寛大なスポンサーのおかげで成り立っています!彼らもサポートしてください!
いくつかピックアップすると:13th Witness, Brian Lam of Gizmodo, Erykah Badu, Futura, Mayer Hawthorne, Mr. Cartoon, Numero Group, Porter, R-16, Unused, Victorinox, White Mountaineering, XLR8R Magazine, Howard Zinn などなど...

Thanks to all the contributors who made this issue happen and also all the featured people who offered their time and patience. Hope you enjoy it! 貢献してくれたすべての人と時間をさいてくれたフィーチャーされている方々に感謝します。楽しんでください!



The Spring 2011 Collections will be dropping very soon! The theme is dubbed “Film School“. We took a deep dive at the art of film making as a source of inspiration for this collection. I’m also really inspired by the different emotions that movies can bring out in us…I tried to exhibit a few of these in the line. Here’s a little teaser clip. (Not easy getting your own theater in NYC!) Look out for the new styles coming soon.




The Northshore Five Panel Cap by StpL is made from a breathable fleece material with iconic pigeon embroidered on the front panel. The back features a small STAPLE label and adjustable nylon strap. 50% of your body heat escapes from your head! Keep a lid on it at Reed now.

StplのNorthshore Five Panel Capは通気性のあるフリース生地と前にはピジョンの刺繍が施されています。後ろには小さなSTAPLEラベルと調整可能なナイロンストラップ付きです。体の熱の50%は頭から逃げます!かぶってふたをしよう。Reedで購入可能。






More to see from our FALL 2010 COLLECTION. The Coxswain Letterman Jacket by StpL is handsdown my favorite of the collection. It features a wool body, leather sleeves, two concealed chest pockets, two handwarmer pockets with leather trim and one interior pocket. There’s a secret “girlfriend” pocket on the back to help keep your girl’s hands warm in the winter. We put the finishing touch with the diamond monogram embroidery and STPL metal bar. Get yourself in one here.

さらに2010秋コレクションから。Coxwain Letterman Jacket by StpLはこのコレクションで僕の文句なしのお気に入りです。ウールボディーにレザーの袖、2つの隠れ胸ポケット、手を温める2つのレザートリム付きポケットと内ポケット一つ。彼女の手も寒い冬に温めるために後ろに秘密の「彼女」ポケットもあります。最後の仕上げにダイアモンドモノグラム刺繍とSTPLメタルバーをつけました。こちらで購入可能。





The Gunnel Shooters Jacket has been a favorite of mine since I could squeeze into the salesman sample. This hunting inspired jacket from StpL is constructed with 14 wale corduroy. The 2 roomy front pockets were made sturdy enough to hold a case of shotgun shells. The 2 patched strips (aka: suspenders) on the front side reinforce these pockets.
Genuine Leather elbow, shooting patches. Shank buttons. Shell: 100% cotton cord Lining: 100% polyester lining that is electrostatic/stain proof. Handmade in Japan. Acquire here.
Gunnel-Jacket-Fall-2010_4Gunnel Shootersジャケットは僕がセールスマンのサンプルに着られるようになった時から好きでした。猟にインスパイアされたStpLのジャケットは 14waleコーデュロイで制作されています。2つのゆったりしたフロントポケットはショットガンの弾を入れても大丈夫なくらい頑丈に出来ています。前に ある2つの長細いきれ(akaサスペンダー)はこのポケットを補強します。